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Are you feeling lost in your life and seeking guidance? Experiencing anxiety and depression, feeling as though you are lost in your current situation? Intuitive Alicia, Alicia Munian is trained in multiple methods of spiritual healing including meditation, psychic guidance, and reiki healing. Depending on your needs, she will work with you to help you come to a place of peace, clarity, and healing with loving and open arms and a positive outlook. Overcome your obstacles and awaken your fullest potential. 




About alicia

Alicia Munian has been on an intense spiritual journey her entire life. Since she was younger, she could remember always being in tune with the world on a deeper level. She always had a wonderment for the stars and celestial bodies in the sky. From an early age, she experienced intense Lucid Dreams, where she was consciously in control of her vivid dreams. This made her contemplate the world in a deeper way, awakening her mind further to the different possibilities of reality. 


As she got older, she had several profound experiences that put her in touch with the spirit realm in a deeper way, including seeing apparitions and predicting her own dog's passing. At the time she did not understand these experiences, but now she is able to understand and has comforted others who have had similar experiences.


After dealing with traumas during her teenage years, including having a parent battling cancer, by the time Alicia was in college, she developed severe depression. It is often during our darkest times that we truly awaken the light within. Alicia decided that she was going to heal herself, and put herself on a profound journey of healing and awakening. 

Alicia started to learn more about meditation and started to teach herself this ancient practice as a way of healing. While she was learning, she had the opportunity to visit Thailand, where she met a Buddhist Monk that had an incredible impact on her. She continued to deepen her practice of healing. After she graduated from college, she began to study Metaphysics & Esoteric Knowledge through numerous renowned teachers in Long Island covering topics including Mediumship, Angel Card Readings, Healing Meditations, Reiki Energy Healing, Akashic Record Readings, and Channeling. 

As one that has been through difficulties and healed herself, Alicia is ecstatic to empower you on your journey--wherever it may lead you. 




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Reduce Stress

Battle Anxiety

Combat Depression

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Enlighten Yourself

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Messages From Passed Loved Ones

Guidance From Beyond

Akashic Records

Release Energy

Heal Energetic Wounds

Overcome Trauma

Identify Blockages

Understand Your Pain

Strengthen Your Etheric Body



From the very first time that I met her, I was impressed with her passion and enthusiastic spirit for her work. Along with great energy and talent, Alicias’ strengths as a Medium are constantly ascending. She has an intellectual curiosity that leaves no doubt that she will make an outstanding Medium and is destined to leave an impact on this world that we live in. I feel incredibly lucky to have had multiple sessions (and counting) with Alicia, who has refined my own Spiritual development in ways that none of the books or videos that I have read or watched to date have. Channeling Spirits with Alicia has provided me with clarity and confidence that have exceeded my expectations.  She has become an inspiration for me on my own path to Enlightenment.

—  Dave Price, Enlightenment Client

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