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Meditation for Anxiety

Meditation is the central point for your mental and spiritual wellness journey. It is about clearing your mind and allowing yourself to empty negative chatter in your mind, and rewires your thoughts into positive ones. Meditation can unlock your untapped potential, and release things that hold you back from being your best self. There have been numerous research studies showing the benefits of meditation, and how it so deeply impacts the brain and mind in a positive way. 

Benefits of Meditation: 

  • Reduce stress

  • Mitigate anxiety

  • Overcome depression

  • Feel more peace on a daily basis

  • Increase serotonin production

  • Awaken psychic & intuitive gifts

  • Become more in tune with the world around you


Start your journey of healing and peace today.
Alicia has personalized one-on-one and group sessions available.​

Personalized one-on-one meditation sessions

Through our one-on-one session, Alicia will channel a meditation that directly addresses your intention. If you are going through a dark period in your life, she can help you find your place of healing and peace. She will first walk you into a state of peace and calm, then you will journey together with your mind to receive what you are in need of. You will come back to a state of peace, calm, clarity and feel more at ease after the meditation. We will attempt to heal anything that is on the surface of your mind, that is holding you back from being in a state of presence. You will receive positive healing energy and light throughout the meditation.


Monday- Friday: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm

Sessions can be done in person or through skype/google hangouts. 

Contact Alicia to book a session! 


Meditation by the Sea

Beginner One-on-One Meditation Session

1 hour

Looking for your introduction to the world of meditation? This is the perfect meditation for you. You will learn the benefits of meditation, and how to achieve a state of peace and presence. 

You will feel more calm, peaceful, and less anxious. You will be able to use this toolkit on your own once you learn. 


Meditation by the Sea

Stress Reduction Healing Meditation Session

1 hour

This meditation will help you release any stress that you may be holding onto. You will learn stress reduction techniques, including conscious breathing patterns, that you can use on a daily basis.

You will release the stress that you've been holding on to, and feel more at peace. You will learn techniques that you can practice at work.


Couple Holding Hands

Relationship Karmic Cord Meditation Session

1 hour

Have you recently been through a difficult relationship? Are you still struggling with it right now? I will tap in and help you mentally and energetically heal what you have been through, so that you can reclaim your power again. 

You will heal relationship wound that are trapped in your mind and heart. You will come to a deeper understanding of your relationship and begin the healing process.


Image by Igor Kasalovic

Life's Purpose Meditation Session

1 hour

Are you having difficult with understanding what to do next in your life? What career and job to focus your attention on? This meditation is an introspective adventure that will take you on a journey through a place that will help you to see and understand the purpose of your life. 

You will experience a better understanding of why you are here and different decisions that you are having trouble with. 


Image by Tyler Nix

Self Love & Empowerment Meditation Session 

1 hour

On a daily  basis, we bombard ourselves with different expectations. Are you tiring yourself out and tearing yourself down? It's time to refocus your attention back on you. Give yourself what you've been giving to the world--reclaim your love back.

You will feel more empowered with confidence to be who you are. You will begin to reprogram negative self talk, and understand deeper ways that you can love yourself. 


Image by Yeshi Kangrang

Intuitive & Psychic Awakening Activation Meditation

1 hour

Would you like to be more in tune with the universe on a deeper level? Have you always felt things more strongly than everyone around you and sometimes knew things before they happened? Do you want to learn more about your gifts and awaken them? We all have a little bit within us--intuition and psychic gifts. Awaken your mystical side.

You will feel more in tune with your psychic side and begin the process of awakening your gifts. You may experience heightened psychic activity based on your level of awakening.


Image by Giuliano Di Paolo

Connecting to your spirit guides meditation

*For intermediate/advanced mediators 

1 hour 11 minutes

Are you in tune with your spirit guides? Do you want to have a deeper understanding for who you are working with? This meditation will help you to tune into your guides around you, and have a better sense of who you are being guided by.

You will interact with you guides through the power of your mind, and feel their energetic presence. You may receive messages from them.



Astral Projection & Lucid Dream Meditation Session 

*For Intermediate/ Advanced meditators

1 hour 11 minutes

Have you been curious about the powers of astral projection? Do you want to experience your dreams on another level? Unlock the power of astral projection and lucid dreaming. Astral projection is when you experience consciousness outside your body after a deep meditation. Lucid dreaming is an incredible experience where you are able to alter your reality in a dream based on how you project your consciousness. 

You will open yourself to experiencing these two incredible phenomena.Based on level of experience, you will experience either phenomena with my guidance.


Image by Nghia Le

Path to Enlightenment Meditation Session

*For intermediate/ advanced meditators

1 hour 11 minutes

Are you on the edge of a deep spiritual awakening? Is there a missing key that you are looking for? This meditation will take you on a deeper journey in search of this missing step in your path to enlightenment. This is a longer, and deeper meditation that will help you to go deeper down to find the answers that you are seeking.

You will feel more in tune with your life's path, and have a deeper understanding of the universe. You will meet your guides and be shown the path that you are seeking. Based on your experience you will receive messages and answers from multiple guides. 


Group Meditations

Alicia has hosted numerous group meditation events throughout Long Island, with kids and adults alike. Her bubbly spirit and exuberant personality gets everyone excited to learn. She backs up her workshops with scientific studies and lessons about mindfulness. When it comes time to meditate, she tones it down to a place of calm and peace to bring people on incredible journies with their minds. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, she facilitates an incredible experience for everyone!

what people say about alicia's meditations


I have attended six of Alicia's meditation classes. She is such a wonderful person. It is incredible to hear her story and where she has come from, and see where she is now . I attended several meditations throughout Long Island, but Alicia's was the first one where I actually got strong visuals and was able to follow through the entire journey. She is a truly special young woman.


Alicia is seriously one of the most incredible souls I have ever come across. The depth of her soul is boundless. She has so many talents to share with the world. I have felt angels present during her incredible meditations. She has a soothing voice that allows you to journey to where you need to be. Very profound and wonderful experience.


Alicia has done multiple meditations at my Day Care center. The kids really love her. She is very professional and always has an activity to do too. She is really good with relating to all audiences, and teaching how beneficial meditation can be. She also taught an adult class and always prepared scientific backings to what she taught. She has even helped me with my own healing.

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