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Intuitive Magic Mentoring

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Intuitive Alicia offers two sacred mentorship programs.

You Will Learn 

  • How to connect with your intuitive power

  • How to meet your guides

  • How to channel messages from your guides

  • How to clear your chakras

  • How to give oracle card readings

  • How to facilitate trauma healing through energy work- "psychic surgery"

  • How to use psychic tools like the pendulum


Are you ready to
step in to your inner magic?

Awaken your fullest potential.

It is time to stop doubting your power. You've known it--you felt it before. The intuitive nudge calling you to awaken your gifts and fullest potential.

Other people have doubted you when you know you were right about things in a psychic sense. You always knew you were different--and different is powerful.

Through my one-on-one mentorship program, you will learn the tools, techniques and methods to fully awaken your psychic gifts.

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