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Alicia received her Hypnotherapy certification in 2021. She is a Licensed Clinical Certified  Hypnotherapist. Through hypnotherapy healing sessions, you can tap into deeper parts of your mind and heal aspects of yourself that are buried deep within you. 

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Hypnotherapy sessions with Alicia last between 80-120 minutes. In the session you will do a 15 minute discussion to pinpoint shifts within your mind that need to be made. After, you will go on a 30-50 minute healing journey to help you process, reprogram, and let go of anything holding you back. healing and meditation session. You can book a reading through DMing Alicia on Instagram, or using the contact form below. 



One word: Amazing! I've had two session with Alicia both in Hypnosis and I've gone deeper in my journey because she's helped me feel comfortable and safe. Alicia isn't only intuitive, she's a conduit of light and as you hear her voice you know she's tapped into something much higher than we can imagine. When she guides you through an experience, be prepared to release what no longer serves you and get transported into your most authentic highest self. I'm grateful for the experiences I've had with this amazing soul and I know it won't be my last.


My session today with Alicia was absolutely amazing. She is such a warm light hearted person who made me feel at ease and comfortable. Her delivery of her messages is done in such a respectful and empowering way. She truly has a gift and is ready to help!! I highly recommend her as we ended our session with a beautiful meditation that left me feeling hopeful and motivated to tackle my next chapter of my journey. I will continue to book with Alicia and include her on my spiritual journey.


Alicia is so wonderful to work with!! I had the most amazing past life regression hypnosis session with her that left me feeling deeply relaxed and energized. Her energy is very warm and welcoming and her voice is incredibly soothing and has an ethereal quality that helped me fall deeper into a hypnotic state. I have a really hard time quieting my mind and Alicia guided me through a chakra clearing before my hypnosis session in order to help clear any blockages and to allow me to reach a deeper state of relaxation. By the time she reached my root chakra my entire body was vibrating and I started to feel like I was floating, the chatter that usually occupies the front of my mind started to slip away and it's hard to describe but I could feel the energy shifting in my head from the front/ego to the back/subconscious. Once she began guiding me into a past life regression I could feel that I had already entered into a deep state of hypnosis. I am generally much more intuitive than visual when accessing my subconscious but during my session with Alicia I had a much clearer visual depiction of that life than I normally am able to access and was able to tap into various visual memories! I highly recommend working with Alicia and will definitely be booking another session with her soon!


Full Hypnosis Session- $222

Hypno Healing Package- $555 for 4 sessions 
(Once a week for a month).

You can also send her a message using the contact form below:

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