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Soul Healing 


Healing others has always come naturally to Alicia. There have been numerous events throughout her life which called upon her to access her energy healing techniques and assist other people. ​She has always had a natural knack for working with energy and identifying pain and blockages in others. After years of practice and classes, she is able to channel through healing energy from the universe to
re-balance you back into alignment and bring you peace.

We all need healing at different points in our life. Pain that we experience is held in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. This causes a blockage of our natural energy flow. This Energy is known by many names, Chi, Qi, Prana, Mana, Ki, or Universal Life Force. These healing can help you resolve emotional issues including unexpressed feelings, and unresolved emotions pent up can prevent us from feeling happiness and at peace. Reiki energy healing can help you move past this.

Reiki energy can help heal

  • Emotional Energy Blockages

  • Unresolved Trauma Wounds

  • Damage from Tumultuous Relationship 

  • Negative Self-image 


Access the key to your healing.

Reiki one-on-one healing sessions

Through our one-on-one session, Alicia will channel through energy from the universe as a conduit to assist you on your healing journey. She will help you release any energetic blockages, and reclaim your power back to you. 


Monday- Friday: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm

Sessions can be done in person or through skype/zoom/google hangouts.  


Basic Reiki Energy Healing Session

45 minutes

Would you like to try a Reiki healing session? Wondering what receiving energy feels like? This session will dip your toe into the world of reiki energy healing, and give you a basic healing. You will feel more clear and aligned.


Image by Javardh

Energy Blockage Removal

55 minutes

Do you have a point of stagnate energy that is preventing your growth? Our energetic bodies require us to be without any obstructions for energy to move freely through us. If you have a blockage,you may feel stuck and unlike yourself. There may be a particular region that this energy is stuck in. With this session, we will work together to remove anything preventing you from being in full alignment. This will provide you with a sense of release, and allow for energy to move freely through you.


Image by Greg Rakozy

Third-Eye Awakening Healing

55 minutes

Are you having difficulty with your process of spiritual awakening? Feeling as though there is a limit that you can not move past? Sometimes blockages in our third eye can prevent your full awakening. Allow me to work with you in eliminating this blockage so that you can tap into your fullest potential.


Image by Bart LaRue

Self-Love & Empowerment Healing

55 minutes

Do you feel as though you are constantly putting yourself down? Like you are missing a deeper love for yourself? 

In this healing session I focus on reclaiming the love to your heart space and empowering you to love the full being that you are. 


Image by Tyler Nix

Twin Flame Healing Session

55 minutes+

Have you met your twin flame? These powerful energetic connections can be tumultuous and filled with so many ebbs and flows--but so rewarding.


This is your divine partner. If you are in a period of separation, allow me to help you heal this energetic wound, and reclaim your full power. You will feel more in tune and balanced with yourself, and call your partner back to your side.


Image by Yeshi Kangrang

Relationship Karmic Wound Healing

55 minutes+

Have you recently been through a difficult relationship? Are you still struggling with it right now? I will tap in and help you mentally and energetically heal what you have been through, so that you can reclaim your power again. 

You will heal relationship wound that are trapped in your mind and heart. You will come to a deeper understanding of your relationship and begin the healing process.


Image by 小胖 车

Negative Entity Removal & Angel Invocation


55 minutes

Do you feel as though you may have a negative entity attachment? Like your energy is being weighed down by something that should not be in your space? Constant bad luck and things around you occurring?


Through this process I will remove any negative attachments that you may have and call upon angelic beings to surround and protect you.


Image by Cassidy Kelley

Inner-Child Healing: Step Into Your Power

55 minutes

Throughout our life, we all encounter situations that leave us with traumas and unmet expectations . When we hold onto this pain, it creates deeply rooted problems that may require healing. Through this special healing, I will journey alongside you to help resolve issues that you may be holding onto. You will reclaim your power back to this present moment by providing healing to your past. This is a mixture of meditation and reiki energy healing.



Starseed Awakening & Healing

55 minutes

Have you always felt like you are from another universe? On the edge of a deep spiritual awakening? Is there a missing key that you are looking for? This meditation and healing will take you on a deeper journey in search of this missing step in your path to enlightenment. This will help you to go deeper down to find the answers that you are seeking--to understand your place of origin and heal the missing aspect of understanding your soul more deeply.

You will feel more in tune with your starseed origins and have a deeper understanding of the universe.


Image by j zamora


Wound & Past Lives

55 minutes

Do you feel as though the burden of the pain you are carrying stretches well beyond what you experienced in this life time? For those who believe, past lives can leave us with wounds that we enter into this lifetime with us. Also the burden that our ancestors carry also rests on our backs.

With this healing, we will journey together to a sacred space of healing to let go of these traumas and reclaim your power.


Image by Tyler Nix


1 hour + 

Are you moving into a new location? Have stagnant negative energies in your house? 

Through a house blessing, I can clear negative energies in your house and identify any locations that may need additional clearing. I will identify any areas that may need additional Feng Sui 

I will assure that your home is a clear space filled with light and love. 


Image by Yeshi Kangrang



1 Hour+ 

This is one of the most intense healing/ psychic services. This is for those who feel like they woke up a completely different person--drained and unlike themselves.

Retrieve your life force back and reclaim your power.

**In Person Only**


what people say about alicia's Healing sessions


Alicia was able to facilitate a third-eye healing session for me. I could feel her working with my energy in my third eye, and I was able to progress so much more in my own journey after the healing. She is truly a talented young woman.


Alicia is a talented healer. She did a healing on me at a spiritual retreat. She was so professional and it felt as though she was pulling out years of an energetic wound within me. It was such an incredible and enlightening process.


Alicia helped me with a negative entity removal. This is something that I knew little about but felt it with me. She was able to console me and assisted me to let go of the attachment that was holding onto me. I am so grateful for her assistance.

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