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Intuitive psychic


Alicia has had psychic experiences throughout her life. Everyone has some degree of intuition and psychic abilities--some experience it to a stronger degree than others. This is just like one's natural ability to play the guitar-- someone may be able to play it easily, while other require practice to learn. Some people are just born with different heightened senses and it is easy for them to pick up. She studied Mediumship & Psychic readings for a year, to hone her talents. It has been a profound and enlightening journey for her and took much skill and practice.

Scientific evidence of psychic abilities

Receive the answers that you are seeking.

Connect more deeply with your spiritual self.


Although not necessarily in the mainstream, there are numerous people who experience this incredible phenomenon. Mediums like Theresa Caputo and Winter Brook Ryan have been showing the world that is possible to communicate with the other side and that there are deeper layers to the universe. There is so much to know----admitting that we don't truly know
is the most humbling thing that we can do--and that opens up the doors to the answers.

Psychic Reading one-on-one sessions

Through our one-on-one session, Alicia will channel through information from the universe to assist you on your path. She will provide you with comfort and peace for loved ones that you are longing to connect to. 


Monday- Friday: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm

Contact Alicia to book your reading!

Sessions can be done in person or through skype/google hangouts.  

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Psychic Reading & Advice Session

1 hour

Are you having difficult with understanding what to do next in your life? What career and job to focus your attention on?  Going through difficult situations that you are trying to make sense of? Or just want to peer into your potential future for fun? 

This basic reading will allow me to look into different areas of your life for direction and guidance. We will begin with a short meditation to establish a connection, then I will pull through any messages from the universe to help assist you on your journey.


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Mediumship Reading--Connect to Passed Loved One

55 minutes

Are you grieving someone who passed away? Feel as though you have messages waiting for you from beyond? Allow me to connect and I will bring through messages from your passed loved ones and friends through mediumship.

I will begin with a basic meditation to establish a stronger connection, and I will receive visualizations from a loved one that wishes to step forward and make contact with you. 


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Akashic Records Reading

1 hour

Are you seeking answers that go deeper than that in a typical reading? Questioning your purpose on this Earth and what may exist in your "soul contract?" 

Through Akashic Record Readings I am able to see deeper into different relationships that you have been met with and look into the reasons why you experienced different situations. I will be able to access aspects of your soul contract to bring through information about why you incarnated. Through this reading, you will receive deeper answers to your questions and come into alignment with your soul's purpose.

You may prepare 10 life questions you wish to ask. More information will come forward.


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Psychic Coaching Session-
Awaken Your Gifts

1 hour 11 minutes

Would you like to be more in tune with the universe on a deeper level? Have you always felt things more strongly than everyone around you and sometimes knew things before they happened? Do you want to learn more about your gifts and awaken them? We all have a little bit within us--intuition and psychic gifts. Awaken your mystical side.

Through this coaching session, you will feel more in tune with your psychic side and begin the process of awakening your gifts. You may experience heightened psychic activity based on your level of awakening.



Life Path Guidance

1 hour 11 minutes

Are you feeling lost in your life? In need of more in-depth guidance? Through this reading, I will use a mix of psychic gifts including meditations and spirit channeling to help bring you clarity and direction. I will help you to align yourself with your goals and what you need to do to move forward in your life. 

You will have a clear vision and steps that you need to take to get back on your chosen path in life.


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Spirit Guide 

Invocation Guidance, Protection & Healing

1 hour 11 minutes

Do you feel as though you are in need of protection? A deeper healing that needs to take place? With this invocation, I will call upon angels and guides to assist you on your journey, and heal any negative attachments that are currently in your auric field.  I will place healing and protection around you for your journey. I willl relay any messages that come through during this session. 


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Trance Galactic & Spirit Channeling Session

1 hour

Allow me to bring through messages from channeled from spiritual beings. For those deeper on the path to enlightenment, these channelings will bring forth messages to assist you on your path. This will help you to validate the experiences you have been having and become more in tune.  

This requires much energy on my end and an open mind on your end. These channelings have been proven to help others see aspects of their life from a different perspective and put them deeper on their path to enlightenment and awakening abilities.


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1 hour + 

Are you moving into a new location? Have stagnant negative energies in your house? 

Through a house blessing, I can clear negative energies in your house and identify any locations that may need additional clearing. I will identify any areas that may need additional Feng Sui 

I will assure that your home is a clear space filled with light and love. 


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1 Hour+ 

This is one of the most intense psychic services. This is for those who feel like they woke up a completely different person- or drained and unlike themselves.

Retrieve your life force back and reclaim your power. Any negative entities attached to you will be removed, and we will call your soul back to your body. 

**In Person Only**


Psychic Fairs

Alicia has attended several psychic fairs in Long Island as a reader. With her bubbly attitude and ability to deeply connect to a variety of people, she is a crowd favorite!

what people say about alicia's readings


From the very first time that I met her, I was impressed with her passion and enthusiastic spirit for her work. Along with great energy and talent, Alicias’ strengths as a Medium are constantly ascending.  I feel incredibly lucky to have had multiple sessions (and counting) with Alicia, who has refined my own Spiritual development in ways that none of the books or videos that I have read or watched to date have. Channeling Spirits with Alicia has provided me with clarity and confidence that have exceeded my expectations.  She has become an inspiration for me on my own path to Enlightenment.


Your reading really gave me the belief and confidence and I needed to start my new life journey. I’ve never had someone direct me in such a clear way and in the same breath give me closure I needed to keep moving on in my journey. It was so amazing how you gave a special message from my deceased grandmother acknowledging the fact I’ve been wearing her necklace. That was such a gift you gave me. Thank you so much for putting your heart and soul in what you do best. You truly are helping and making difference one reading at a time.


I was at a psychic fair and decided to have a reading by Alicia. At first, when I saw how young she was, I wondered if I made the right choice, but she soon validated my choice. She started to describe my father who passed away, and I was impressed by the evidence she brought through. She kept seeing the number "222" which I couldn't resonate with, but she let it go and continued the reading. Within the next 5 minutes, her phone rang, and she apologized, and turned it over to turn off. It was 2:22, and her dad was calling. My heart dropped--that was one of the most incredibly synchronistic things I ever experienced. I will definitely be coming to Alicia again for a reading.

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